Giovanna Maria Monti

Giovanna Maria Monti was born in Viterbo, Italy, where she currently lives and works.

She studied at the Liceo Artistico "Tuscia" and at the Accademia di Belle Arti "Lorenzo da Viterbo". She then refined her knowledge by studying “Restauro” in Florence and “Moda e Costume” in Rome. She worked in public school and as an aid in theater costume design. In the 80's, she began drawing her first clothing and jewelry lines in her Viterbo studio.

A common feature of all her creations is a continuous pursuit of innovation based on different techniques and the use of both new and traditional materials, ranging from mosaic tiles to colored mirrors of ethnic textiles.

Monti has a unique and original use of precious fabrics, with a preference for lace, which sometimes are, as she likes to point out, "Processed and hardened, or humiliated in layers of pure acrylic color."

Equally notable results were obtained by shaping various types of paper (rice, or the most precious and delicate restoration paper), tissue paper, paper pulp mixed with earth, and clay.

Artistic Vision

Da Vinci

MoonSisterArt studio takes inspiration from Nature’s four main elements - wind, water, earth, fire - and from the product of their combination: flowers, rocks, leaves, raindrops, flames...

There’s a sort of sacredness in natural elements, in the flow of days and nights, and in the passing of the seasons: I want to celebrate it.

Nature is in deep resonance with the female being and her distinctive features.

We - women - are the driving force of the universe, infinite variety and source of surprises, sweetness, delicacy and charm... but also hope and strength. And, of course, Beauty.

My aesthetic research aims, without presumption, to give something nice, playful, vaguely dreamlike, freely available, without complications, without the distance from the audience that art usually has.

While handling materials I live both the joy of discovering little by little the idea that I had in mind, and that of giving body and shape to my emotions.

I give back to the materials the emotions I felt while I was crafting them. Materials are my end goal and starting point.

When I say materials I mean “everything”: in my opinion art and life are merged together. I want to use my creations. I want to wear them.

If art is beatiful, it is beacuse it’s part of me. Of my life. To make beautiful art is to live a beautiful life..
We were born to enjoy Venus’ gifts.

My creations are not intended to be mere objects of art, of pure contemplation. We can touch paintings and sculptures that "wear" bijoux: they will give them to us.

We are art.

We’ll wear these bijoux... then we’ll put them back in their context. And they will always be there.

We are both artists and spectators.

Every single day, our creativity enhances the uniqueness of our beauty, decorating what surrounds us with infinite imagination...

Everyday in a different way... but always faithful to ourselves.