What's a fine art image?

If, upon seeing fine art-processed photographs, you ask yourself "Are these composited images?" or "Are these colors real?" – the answer is "Certainly". After all, we could ask the spectator "If it were a painting, would you ask the painter if the colors were real?". In that question, there would be an awareness of the painter, the personal interpretation of a scene, and the choice of colors that contribute to the artistic vision. But isn't the photographer just as free in expressing feelings through an artistic tool?

There's a lot to say about what's a photo, and what's fine art. A fine art photo is solely crafted for artistic purposes, with the tool being a means to an end. The photographer's intent is what makes a photo art.

In the context of Moonsisterart and Edoardo Gobattoni there's a joint artistic interpretation on an existing set of creations such as clothes, paintings, and jewelry. We could say: it is creation within creation.

(Freely adapted from Aristide Torelli.)